Life is a Trade-off ! Part – 1


Do you remember your childhood stories? When parents were like, “Study a little more, you will get better marks !” or “Wake-up a little early tomorrow, there is the maths paper and you have not practiced algebra at all !” Did you ever realized what all did you trade-off. Some hours of sleep, a chance of watching a good movie on television, a very crucial episode of your daily soap, an extra hour of playing outdoor or simply an evening stroll with your siblings to eat pani-puri. During childhood days, no one tends to realize the importance of choosing one thing above the other. You either listen to your elders or you don’t. When you obey someone, you are a disciplined child and when you don’t you are stubborn and precisely your future is dark. So, we really do not have much choices at least before 12-16 years of age.

But as we grow up, the perspective changes. You start wondering, if am trading-off some extra hours of sleep to reach office on time, is it worth it? Am I getting paid enough for my sacrifice? If no, then why do I do it? To pay my bills? To have enough money to party on a weekend with friends? We go days without giving Mom a call from our side. Probably spending that time on a power-point presentation. Evidently its a trade-off we decide, unlike our childhood days when we did not have much freedom to choose. Is there a possibility to retain back our energy after long office hours by talking to an old friend on phone? Probably there is ! But shit, I have to attend a Skype meeting with a client after office. May be I will crack this deal. Will bag a decent incentive. I can plan a vacation to Bali with the amount. Yes, that is how “wise-decisions” sound like. Yes, that is exactly how a trade-off sounds like !



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