Success – Not expensive yet precious

Why being patient is tough?

Why is working hard continuously so challenging?

Why is honesty rare?

Why only a few people keep on giving while others stand at the receiving end?

Why is love so hard to find?

Why everyone cannot afford to be selfless?

Ever wondered?

That’s because each one of the above parameters leads to success. And success was never meant to be easy! There will be days of struggle. There would be so much hard work and perseverance, yet another day will end with a disappointment. But only if we are wise enough to keep going, then we reap the fruits of success. Only if we believe in ourselves then shall we witness it.

Why do people fail?

Because they stop believing in themselves! When we are positive then not even the worst of failures can stop us from trying. The real taste of success would only be known when our knee bleeds by falling down on the ground.

When you are determined to reach your goal, then whats going to hinder you?

And if something has hindered you, then why did u give up?

Wasn’t there an alternative?

How could you consider giving up as an option?

Think of the reason you started the journey at the first place. Rest everything will fall in place. Success is not a destination but a journey. The consistency of your efforts to reach your goal will reflect your success. The thin line between success and failure is, “While others think of it more often, you rise and make it happen!” And trust me that’s the only difficult part. The remaining will be taken care of eventually by your heart and mind.

Rightly quoted by Winston Churchill :

Success is not final, Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.


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